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Helping Your Angry Child: A Workbook for You and Your Family

Darlyne Gaynor Nemeth, Ph.D., Kelly Paulk Ray, Ph.D., & Maydel Morin Schexnayder, M.S.

(March 2003)






     Helping Your Angry Child, written by three leading anger researchers, is an interactive, self-help workbook written for you, the parent, with real-world solutions for helping your child deal with anger and rage. The authors of Helping Your Angry Child conducted a wide-ranging, ten-year clinical study in which parents participated with school staff and children in anger-management training. They learned that when children expressed their anger, parents took it personally, got caught in negative reactions, had difficulty staying in proper parental roles, and were bewildered by the anger. But the authors also discovered essential skills that put parents safely back in parental roles, and helped them and their children cope in healthy ways with anger.


In this clearly-structured workbook readers learn the three essential components of parenting an angry child: how to always be prepared to be a good parent, how to teach children anger management skills, and how to relate within the family when strong emotions arise. Readers learn to define good parenting and resolve excess emotional baggage from their past to so that they may remain nurturing in the face of a child's anger. They are then offered strategies to understand, recognize, label, and deal with the anger a child expresses, teach their children anger management skills, listen without reacting to a child's anger, use anger alternatives, and address and resolve this difficult emotion within their family structure.


This new book teaches essential skills that will put you safely back in your parental role, helping you and your child cope with anger in healthy ways. Included are many interactive worksheets that will help the entire family by practicing these new skills feel closer and more unified. You will learn how to:


-Teach your child anger-management skills
-Relate to others within the family when strong emotions arise
-Understand, recognize, label, and deal with the anger a child expresses
-Listen without reacting to a child’s anger, and
-Always be prepared to be a good parent


Helping Your Angry Child: A Workbook for You and Your Family is now available for purchase at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books a Million. 

ISBN-10: 1572243120

ISBN-13: 978-1572243125