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Press Release

Dr. Kuriansky Teaches Children to Heal by Giving Back
               Dr. Judy Kuriansky, internationally acclaimed psychologist, lead an Emotional Resiliency Workshop for Kids and Teens on Saturday, December 3rd, from 9am to noon at the Florida Boulevard Baptist Church. Dr. Kuriansky, a professor at Columbia University and a frequent guest commentator on CNN, recently held a similar workshop in Haiti, where thousands are attempting to recover from Hurricane Matthew.

               As a part of her “Global Kids Project,” Dr. Judy, as she is lovingly called, brought with her little felt pillows that were made by the children in Haiti for the children in Baton Rouge.

               During the workshop, felt pillows were then made by participants to be passed on to other children who have suffered from environmental trauma. One of the many lessons that Dr. Judy taught participants was the joy of healing through helping.

               Participants also received a vocal tribute from “RILEE Bear,” via the voice of Dr. Charles Burchell, who taught ways to relax before bedtime in order to avoid nightmares of the flood. RILEE, whose name stands for “Relating in Love Every Evening,” told the children that “home is where our hearts are and that when our hearts are connected in love, we are safe.”

               Dr. Kelly Ray, guest co-leader, offered a lesson in Matching Faces to Feelings, as is outlined in her book, “Helping Your Angry Child,” which was co-authored by Dr. Darlyne Nemeth, the Workshop Leader. The faces of RILEE Bear were used to help children identify feelings.

               This special Emotional Resiliency Workshop was sponsored by the Louisiana Psychological Association (LPA) with guest co-leaders representing the World Council for Psychotherapy (WCP).

               Lunches for the December Workshops are being provided by Raising Cane’s. The November Workshop’s lunches were provided by The Jambalaya Shoppe.

               In order to remember RILEE Bear’s lessons, all children received Beanie Baby Bears for Christmas.